unreal "quit my 9 to 5 job" narratives

Something I've noticed in many entrepreneurial and indie hacking communities is the tendency for people to say they "quit their 9-5" when they may still be working somewhere (I know a few folks who go by that tagline).

Anything for the internet points, innit?

Now, I understand the appeal of that narrative - it sounds more glamorous and risky to say you leaped into the unknown. However, I think it's ultimately more honest and helpful for the community to embrace the side hustle story. Most successful ventures still require some steady income at the beginning.

And that's okay!

Everyone's path looks different, and as long as we're sincerely pursuing our passions and learning, that's what matters. So -- instead of fixating on the 'quit 9 to 5' narrative, one could reframe the discussion around the challenges of blending a day job with an indie project. We'd all benefit from advice on effectively managing our time and energy between the two.

#indie hacking