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Db update: moved from supabase to a self-hosted db.

The term "Orma" means "memory" or "remembrance" in my mother tongue (yes, orma can be both in Malayalam). It seemed fitting for a project aimed at archiving my thoughts and memories over time. is powered by Python (Telegram bot), Supabase (small db), and PHP (query and render).

I set up a simple User ID checker so the bot only responds to me. I can send plain text or Markdown-formatted messages to the bot as status updates. The bot then saves the message content to a Postgres database hosted on Supabase. It also lets me add photos and edit or delete the entries via Telegram itself.

To render the archive, I have a simple PHP script that queries and sorts the Supabase database for all status updates and generates the HTML. I also made a simple Web GUI to edit or delete the content.

q. why PHP and Supabase when Python + local db is good enough?
a. idk.