boy, that music is very satanic

A few days ago, my mom called to tell me that her sister had fallen and broken her elbow. She had surgery and is now recovering at home. As I processed this information, my mind wandered through time.

Aunt Rosily played an important role in my family's history. When my mom moved from Thrissur to Kozhikode before marrying my dad, my aunt had already been living and working there. She greatly helped my mom by providing support as she adjusted to her new home.

We spent many holidays and celebrations together growing up. Every Christmas, we would go to her house. My cousin and I would decorate the tree as the adults cooked a big feast. It was one of the few times we would enjoy certain pork dishes, which my mom rarely cooked at home. I enjoyed experiencing the special foods and traditions of my mom's family.

My metal phase concerned my aunt when I was a teenager. She believes it's "Satan's music." Sometimes, when I visited wearing band t-shirts, like the ones with Iron Maiden's Eddie as the main artwork, she would say the album art looked "satanic" and worried people may mistake me for a cult member. It added some amusement to our family gatherings.

Despite our musical differences, I have many happy childhood memories with my aunt. As she recovers from her accident, I can't help but think of those carefree times. I hope she heals soon.