ze bug butcher

I was away from work enjoying a long weekend for the past few days. Upon my return, I noticed that our support ticket queue had swelled with an uptick in issues reported by our users. Diving into the details, I started to see patterns emerge - certain modules or features seemed to be recurring sore spots.

Today, I'm closely inspecting those areas of concern, replicating issues, and collaborating with the development team. We have identified bugs involving missed edge cases in functions and flaky interactions with third-party APIs. After much debugging and testing of potential fixes, most problems have now been squashed.

However, one issue has remained particularly stubborn: errors occur for some users with our newly approved Webflow app. By EOD, we hope to understand the root cause of our Webflow integration failure and have fixes identified.

It's never a dull day as the bug butcher!

#tech #work