David Blaine Street Magic Part 2

Yo, wtf is that title about?

Watch this.

The early days of YouTube. I remember it so fondly.

I can still picture myself in the college library, clicking around the bare-bones YouTube site, utterly fascinated by this new platform where anyone could upload and share video content.

The videos were so janky compared to what we’re used to now - low resolution, stuttery frames, bizarre cell phone recordings. But it was magic to have instant access to glimpses into other people’s lives from all over the world.

The quirky, amateurish videos of early adapters felt so authentic and raw. There wasn’t as much pressure back then to have slickly produced, perfectly edited content. People were just experimenting and having fun with the new tool.

As someone who is such a sucker for nostalgia, looking back at early YouTube videos brings me right back to that time. When streaming videos on the internet still felt so new, unexplored, and full of potential.