why i think slow and embrace asynchronous work

flork of cows

Throughout my career, I have always found that thinking slowly and deliberately yields better results than rushing to quick judgments or responses. It avoids rushing toward quick fixes, outdated POVs, or superficial achievements.

While speed and efficiency are valued in many fast-paced work environments, I believe true quality comes from taking the time to understand issues fully and consider all perspectives before acting or deciding. Employees need the freedom and autonomy to work at a self-determined pace without sacrificing quality for quantity.

An asynchronous work model, for example, empowers individuals to tackle complex problems on their own schedules based on critical thinking rather than constantly reacting to requests in real time. That approach values depth over shallow busyness and allows time for reflection. So that speed and agility are harnessed productively rather than becoming an end in themselves.

image: remix of a flork of cows comic panel.

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