When was the last time you felt alive?

Black - Wonderful Life

There is something special about doing something for the very first time.

When you take on a new challenge or experience something never done before, you truly feel alive. Every subsequent time holds less novelty as you reflect on what you already know.

We seek safety in routine, retracing steps rather than blazing new trails.

It is how humans have survived for millennia - sticking to what is familiar rather than venturing into the unpredictable. But it is also how we stop truly living.

By refusing new experiences, we stop growing and learning.

We fail to see possibilities.

The truth is, nothing stays the same. We and the world around us are constantly changing. But we get stuck in our ways, letting past versions of ourselves take over. Habit and comfort lull us to sleep until one day, we wake to find we've forgotten how to feel alive truly.

The only real death is ceasing to live in the present.

It is when we face the uncertainties of each new day with courage and curiosity, ready to embrace whatever adventures may come our way, that we experience truly feeling alive and engaged with life.

It is a choice we must make anew. To take that first brave step into the unknown, over and over, is how I aim to truly live.


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