The simple SEO formula

SEO seems like a complex topic with countless tricks, hacks, and strategies floating around. But at its core, effective SEO boils down to a simple formula.

  1. Have a neat technical SEO foundation
  2. Create great content

That’s it.

As someone who started their career analyzing every minuscule SEO factor, I can relate to the urge to over-engineer things.

Let’s suppose that you are focusing on a niche.

Put this into your head - people want informative, engaging content when they search. All the technical widgets in the world can’t make up for crappy content. Focus on your target audience by providing authenticity and value through your articles. Write to be helpful, harmless, and honest. Entertain, educate, and enlighten readers so search engines are eager to surface your material.

Want to make it easy for Google?

Ensure your website property links to the right social profiles, which proves your authority and expertise in your niche.

Cover the basics.

Structure pages logically and link everything together neatly. Make it scannable, readable, and shareable. Add proper headings, images (if applicable), and formatting. Keep file sizes reasonable. Ensure good performance, accessibility, and responsiveness across devices.

Need a primer? Inspect

See this: view-source:

Avoid analysis paralysis

Resist that temptation. Your primary goal is to create an engaging experience based on real user needs. Do not chase vanity metrics. Success comes from consistently doing the basics incredibly well for readers, not chasing ephemeral ranking factors.

Remember - the technical stuff guarantees your top-notch content gets found. But these minor details will never replace substance. Stick to the simple SEO formula and let quality, not quantity, guide you.

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