The scary fast M1.

I own a MacBook Air for the road and a Mac mini at home powered by the M1 chip introduced in late 2020. All of my day-to-day tasks at work feel incredibly fast and responsive.

For example, M1 can effortlessly handle demanding multi-tasking scenarios like editing photos in Affinity Photo, making beats in FL Studio, running resource-intensive web applications, and rendering videos without a hint of sluggishness.

Don’t get me wrong.

Performance boosts sound better for people who seek them.

But with the phenomenal battery life, silent operation, and smoothness I get from M1, I just don’t feel the need to upgrade for at least a few more years.

By then, Apple will have likely released even more "powerful" chips.

The M1 chip still proves it has plenty of headroom left.

It is scary fast, m'kay.