the rhythm of the traffic

I sit by the window now.

My mind is wandering as I gaze at the busy street below. Cars are flowing steadily past, with a natural ebb and flow to their movement.

I hear the rhythm of the traffic as if it were a melody. The consistent pattern with occasional variations reminds me of Damon Albarn's Lonely Press Play.

Accepting that you live with uncertainty
If you are lonely, press play

I can match specific parts of the song's melody to corresponding moments in the traffic pattern. The verse matches the steady flow of cars commuting in the lane now.

Dilated time
The aspects that you pass on while traveling
When you are lonely, press play

When two cars pause briefly between them before the next approaches, it conjures a short musical break. Individual cars even take on the characteristics of instruments - the larger trucks have a deep bass note quality. In contrast, those posh ones hit higher tones.

Can I get any closer?
What antidote can I bring to you?
When I am lonely, I press play

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