The nightmare movie

The nightmare movie

I was 11 years old when it happened.

I was home sick from school one day. Since I wasn't feeling well, I was allowed to watch TV during the day.

And there was no parental lock in our Toshiba TV set, not that I know of.

I was flicking through the channels. I came across a movie that had already started on this particular movie channel.

Normally, my parents would've changed the channel right away.

But they were at work, and I had full control.

Curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to watch, even though some of the scenes were disturbingly graphic. The images were unlike anything I'd ever seen before - zombies ripping people apart, severed limbs flying everywhere, and gallons upon gallons of blood and viscera.

I was transfixed but also thoroughly creeped out.

I watched the whole fucking thing.

That night, I suffered terrible nightmares of being chased and eaten by the ravenous zombies. No matter where I hid, they would find me and tear me to pieces. The vivid imagery from the movie was permanently seared into my brain. But slowly, over time, the nightmares began to fade until they stopped completely.

It wasn't until years later that I remembered stumbling upon that disturbing movie as a kid. Only then did I learn its name was Dead Alive (Braindead).

Fast forward - now in my 30s, I've become a huge fan of the horror genre, especially works that push boundaries and excel in special effects makeup.


  1. In my experience, back in the day, certain R-rated movies, music videos, and TV shows underwent little to no censorship in India.
  2. I'm not a "super dreamer" or "high-recaller," but those nightmares are imprinted in my mind.

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