the never-ending haircut (dream journal)

In the dream, I found myself back in my hometown. Feeling overdue for a haircut, I wandered into a local barbershop to get trimmed up. When I walked in, the only barber working was a chatty fellow who seemed a bit scatterbrained. He started the job while talking non-stop about who knows what. However, he would start stories without finishing them as he got distracted by his own train of thought.

Later, as he was trimming my hair, he suddenly stopped mid-sentence and mid-cut to run off and do who knows what. I sat patiently waiting in the chair for what felt like an eternity. After waiting an excessively long time, I started to get frustrated. Just as I was about to get up and leave, the barber finally reappeared. But then, much to my relief, I woke up before he could finish butchering my hairdo.