The lovers found themselves at a crossroads as the world crumbled into chaos. Their love endured despite all the forces working to tear them apart.

As fire raged in the night, the light of the morning star cut through the clouds. Drawn to its glow, they followed wherever it led, leaving behind all that once caused them doubt. Deeper into the darkness, it pulled them, but together, they felt no fear of what lay ahead.

Guided by a force beyond their knowing, the star-crossed lovers journeyed into the void. Their love and resolve grew stronger with each step until nothing could break their bond. When all others fell away, they had seen what united their souls in each other.

Where the morning star took them, a new destiny would be written. Hand in hand, they went over the edge, but as long as they faced the unknown side by side, a new dawn would rise from the ashes of the old world they left behind. Their future remained unwritten, but facing it together, no darkness could overcome the light that shone from within their hearts.