the misogynistic bunch

Growing up, I was unfortunately surrounded by many friends who held misogynistic views that I did not fully recognize until later in life. What's more, as a teenager, I also exhibited some of those problematic characteristics. It's easy to slip into toxic mindsets when you're young and influenced by your peers and environment.

Over time, I recognized the errors in my past views through self-reflection and exposure to different perspectives. As I gained more awareness, I slowly started feeling disconnected from these folks. While I hoped exposure to different perspectives might change their minds over time, I knew I couldn't change them directly. People have to want to challenge their own prejudices.

On the brighter side, I've also found friends in recent years whose values more closely match my own. Though younger, our conversations feel liberating and meaningful. It's a shame I didn't benefit from such companionship during my formative teenage years. But I'm thankful for the growth opportunities now. While the past cannot change, the future remains unwritten.