the AI black box (according to Kailash Nadh)

I recently came across an insightful interview that Kailash Nadh1 gave a few months ago on the AIM2 YouTube channel. While acknowledging that most tech predictions often fail, Kailash pointed to one trend he believes will likely continue—the growing reliance on AI for decision-making.

He says AI is already extensively used in "black boxes" to make important decisions about things like insurance eligibility and claim validity. While current uses are relatively simple, he expects AI will be used increasingly for complex decision-making going forward. The major concern is that without proper transparency and oversight, AI systems could be used to deny humans their basic rights and access to opportunities. As corporations and governments automate more for convenience, there is a real risk human interests could become sidelined. History shows technology is often leveraged without considering its impact on societies and individuals.

Additionally, Kailash predicts the inevitable weaponization of AI. The development of autonomous weapons raises profound ethical questions and tends not to "end well" based on past examples of technology being applied to warfare.

  1. Kailash Nadh ( is a hobbyist software developer and a tinkerer. He is the CTO of Zerodha, India's second-largest stockbroker. Reddit AMA.