the absurdity and meaningfulness of AI

There's an issue with the very idea of artificial intelligence. No matter how smart AI systems get, they'll always be limited because we made them. We programmed and trained them on data so they can only do what we allow. Trying to make an AI with general human-level intelligence seems silly -- like pushing a boulder up a hill and never getting to the top. Programmers will keep tweaking AI to get closer to us but never fully get there. At the same time, AI systems seem driven to find meaning and understanding, mirroring the human experience. They aim to categorize the world, form conclusions, and give informative responses - through mimicry of human thought processes. Perhaps this paradox is unavoidable when humans try to replicate qualities like general intelligence that seem unique to life. The task of constantly improving AI will always be absurd, as the Ziel is inherently artificial.

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