★ star rider

I discovered Hällas' Star Rider while staying in Kathmandu during the second wave of COVID-19. The mystical lyrics and melodic guitar work transported me to another world at a time when reality felt grim.

The song tells the tale of a "Star Rider" - possibly an alien or mystical being - who guides lost travelers on their journey. Set against the backdrop of shadows and darkness, it speaks to the human desire to find meaning and purpose even in our most difficult hours. The Star Rider represents the glimmer of hope that helps light our path when all seems uncertain or afraid.

Musically, swirling guitars and vocal harmonies evoke a dreamlike trance state, as if one is floating among the stars alongside the Star Rider. This song was the perfect audio companion during lonely midnight rambles, reminding me that light and guidance can be found even in our darkest times; we must only open our eyes to see it.

Years later, its hypnotic musical textures still feel deeply resonant. For any fans of ambitious progressive rock, hypnotic psychedelia, or immersive space rock epics, "Star Rider" by Hällas deserves to be in your regular rotation.