springtime in chengdu

The weather here in Chengdu has been getting warmer and sunnier as spring arrives. It's also bringing changes in my work life. Our AI project at the company is doing well enough that we feel comfortable slowing development to focus on researching our next idea. Most of the team is taking a relaxed approach while ensuring we have the funds and time needed before committing fully to something new.

While I've always enjoyed the convenience of remote work; lately, I've been seeking out cafe environments to change my scenery. There are so many great tea houses and cafes around the city. I like finding spots with outdoor seating now that the weather is improving.

In other news, I recently found a good deal on a Bluetooth version of my beloved Audio-Technica M50x headphones. As a big fan of the wired version I already own, I couldn't pass it up. It's been great listening to music and podcasts wirelessly around the house and when out working in cafes. The sound quality is just as excellent as the original.

All in all, it seems spring has brought changes, large and small. Things are progressing smoothly on multiple fronts as the weather warms up in Chengdu. I'm enjoying the slower pace and look forward to what new developments the rest of spring and summer might bring.

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