space is terrifying (pt. 1, the void)

Space is Terrifying


Space is fascinating, mysterious, and filled with wonder. But it can also provoke an unshakeable feeling of dread and existential terror.

Being so small within the cosmos can leave one feeling insignificant, irrelevant, and utterly alone. Yet we continue exploring, peering into the abyss, and discovering more strange and unsettling truths about our universe and ourselves.

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This is a journey into the side of space that keeps us awake at night, the dark thoughts that lurk beyond the beauty of the cosmos.

the void

The mere thought of staring into the infinite darkness of space is enough to send chills down the spine. The void seems alive, waiting to swallow everything and anything within reach.


Matter distribution in a cubic section of the universe. The blue fiber structures represent the matter (primarily dark matter), and the empty regions in between represent the cosmic voids. via Wikipedia.

It is immense and uncaring, filled with cosmic horrors that boggle the mind. The most terrifying aspect of space is simply the absence of anything – no light, sound, or life.

Venture far enough from our tiny planet, and you encounter a ceaseless night devoid of warmth or comfort. The sunlight that nourishes life on Earth dissipates within a few astronomical units.

Beyond that lies perfect, frigid nothingness.

An object untethered from a spaceship would continue to drift helplessly through this formless void for all eternity. With no gravitational anchor and friction, it could wander amid the stars for billions of years without reaching a destination. The idea of such eternal, motionless isolation is enough to drive one mad.

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Space offers no escape, no rescue, no ends to its nothingness.

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