Ranking of Kings ∞

Ranking of Kings

Besides the Godzilla trilogy, I haven't watched any full anime series for the past few years. Thanks to the YouTube algorithm, I discovered a gem of a series called Ranking of Kings. I was drawn in by the beautiful animation style and the intriguing premise of a deaf-mute boy named Bojji aiming to become king. On a whim, I started the first episode. Right from the opening scenes, I got engrossed in this fantastical yet grounded world. Bojji's kind spirit shone through despite his adversity. By the end of the episode, I was already invested in his journey. I'm now 11 episodes into the first season and loving every minute. His bond with Kage also struck a chord. All the other characters are so compelling, too, even the ones I initially disliked. The animation by studio WIT is also a visual treat.