radio, what's new?

Over the past few days, I've been exploring the world of ham radios and shortwave radio receivers through online videos. I find it fascinating to learn about tuning into different radio stations from around the globe on short waves.

To get a taste of what's possible, I downloaded the Radio Garden app for my iPhone. This app lets you virtually "tune in" to radio stations anywhere around the globe. It's fun searching the world map to find stations in new cities and countries to listen to. However, the free version comes with ads, so I think I'll upgrade to the premium version. That way, I can set a timer to listen while falling asleep without interruptions.

I also checked to see what options were available locally. I was surprised by the variety of budget-friendly ham radios and sensitive shortwave devices. While I'm not seriously considering purchasing my first device, it seems like an affordable way to get started in this hobby. For now, I'm content with the app and informational videos on YouTube.

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