preparing for my trip to india

Direct flights between China and India have become less common, possibly due to geo-political issues between the two countries. And New Delhi doesn't issue tourist visas to mainland Chinese these days.

I'll be flying Thai Airways from Chengdu to Chennai this Friday, with a layover in Bangkok. After landing in Chennai, I'll hop on an Indigo flight that will take me to my hometown, Kozhikode.

One challenge is that I don't sleep well during flights, so figuring out ways to productively kill time will be important. As an audiophile, I always bring a good pair of headphones to listen to music. However, there's nothing like a good comedy sitcom to pass the hours for a lengthy trip.

During this trip, I plan to catch up on Season 14 of Bob's Burgers, which I haven't started watching yet. I'll also revisit King of the Hill and the old seasons of South Park - no matter how often I've seen them, those shows always crack me up.