Our jokes

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Laughter rings out daily in our home. My wife and I have cultivated countless inside jokes that send us into giggles over the years. A simple word or phrase will set one of us off, and the other quickly joins in. Our jokes may seem silly and nonsensical to others, but to us, they capture the quirky rhythm of our relationship.

Some jokes have evolved, taking on new layers as our relationship has grown. But the core element remains the same - we can make each other laugh. Our jokes relieve stress, brighten difficult days, and strengthen our intimacy. They represent the mirth and understanding that can only come from loving each other's quirks.

Our playful banter and inside jokes have helped sustain the romance in our relationship over time. Even during life's challenges, I feel fortunate to have a partner who lifts my spirits with an enthusiastic sense of humor.

Bonus: My daughter and I also have our set of jokes (and pranks 😈).