News debates in India

While far from home, I always tune in to online news channels.

Debate sessions have become the favorite format for news presentations in India. More than sincere discussions, we are often served with shouting matches dressed up as debates.

It is a strange phenomenon that, over the years, Indian news channels and viewers have developed a peculiar fascination for hostile and toxic debates on television.

The opportunity to scream at opponents and brush off opposing views excites both the hosts and the audiences. Fact-checking and rationale take a backseat as fist-pounding and manufactured outrage dominate the screen.

And anchors? Heavily biased, either to the left or right.

Nuanced discussions on complex issues are impossible in such an overheated environment. Panelists are encouraged to interrupt, shout over each other, and politicize even non-political topics to invoke strong reactions from viewers.

This growing preference for confrontational programming indicates how polarized our public discourse has become.

While TRPs might spike due to raised tempers, we lose out on meaningful conversations that could move us closer to solutions.

As a concerned citizen, I wish our media prioritized informed deliberation over instigation. There is value in surfacing diverse viewpoints, but only when presented with respect, logic, and care for truth.