my path to VOL I EP (and music production in general)



Let’s rewind a bit.

In 2012, I discovered Street Academics, a talented local hip-hop crew, and was blown away by their lyrics and flow. I became curious about how they crafted their beats and contacted one of the vocal powerhouses of their crew on ReverbNation. He put me in touch with Earthgrime.

Earthgrime introduced me to the digital audio workstation - FL Studio, which opened up a new world of possibilities. I spent countless hours experimenting with sounds, drum patterns, and melodies.

I joined a handful of producer communities on Facebook. Those communities provided collaboration opportunities by sharing the FL Studio project and stem files over the cloud. I have more to share about those experiences and will write a dedicated blog post on recollecting those memories.

Around the same time, I connected with Sandeep, a sound engineer in Kozhikode who works in the Malayalam film industry. He was willing to mentor me. Over the last decade, he has provided invaluable guidance that helped hone my production skills and understanding of recording and mixing techniques.

Fast forward to 2020.

After working on several indie projects and collaborations, I felt ready to release my music under the SIGNALSIREN moniker. I also worked on a bunch of tracks with Pakarcha Vyadhi the same year.


The EP “VOL I” is a fusion of synthwave, metal, and electronic styles that have influenced me over the years. You can experience it freely on my Bandcamp page. Please don’t pay for it. I just want to share the music with you all.

#indie music #music production