my 11-year old reddit account got banned

For the past few weeks, I have been quite active on Reddit, mainly browsing and commenting on subreddits related to side projects and SaaS. A few days ago, I noticed some accounts spamming various SaaS-related subreddits with copy-paste posts about quitting their 9-5 jobs and promoting some SaaS (react/next/nuxt) boilerplates. Being the curious person I am, I dug around. I called out their misleading tactics, alternative accounts, and fake reviews on their websites in a few comments on several posts they had made. Then, just earlier today, I received a notification that my account had been permanently banned. I might have broken Rule 3 of their content policy (even though I have not shared personal info). While I submitted an appeal, the ban likely won't be overturned.

#social media