misha and the monkey

Misha rubbed his temples, feeling a headache coming on. For weeks, he had been tormented by the monkey that lived inside his head. It had bright green eyes and a coat as red as flame, and it never stopped chattering away.

At first, the monkey's words were merely whispers. But it had grown bolder over time, its voice louder and more insistent. As Misha glanced up, he caught a glimpse of green peering back at him from the mirror. When he spun around, nothing was there but empty space.

"What do you want, monkey?" Misha sighed. A chuckle responded as the tiny simian emerged from the shadows. It grinned, flashing sharp teeth.

"All I want is a bit of fun! You work too hard, friend. Come play with me instead." The monkey danced around temptingly, but Misha knew better than to listen to its tricks.

"No more games. I have responsibilities." The monkey eyed him shrewdly. "What will it take for you to loosen up that tight grip of yours, hmm?"

Misha stiffened under its gaze. Giving in was not an option - the monkey would only demand more. "Nothing. Now go back where you came from and leave me be."

Silence fell as the monkey vanished into the dark once more. But Misha could feel its dissatisfaction simmering, waiting to return with new ways to bend his will. He steeled his resolve, determined not to let the mischievous monkey rule him any longer.