mind's unexpected detour - ep1


I was home alone last Friday.

My mind was wandering as I contemplated what to have for dinner.

I opened the refrigerator, hoping culinary inspiration would strike. The bright light welcomed me to witness the usual suspects - vegetables, eggs, candies (yep), and frozen meats on the shelf below.

That's when my mind took a strange detour.

As I stared blankly into the half-empty egg carton, my thoughts turned to a school field trip from years ago. I have no idea how or why my mind leaped from dinner options to that random memory from my childhood, but before I knew it, I was transported back to that sunny day.

I remember piling onto the bus with my classmates, excited and curious about where we would go. If I recall correctly, the trip was to a local farm, though the details are fuzzy. All I know is that at some point during our tour of the property, our guide said something about the chickens that caught my attention. I stood in a small barn, mesmerized by dozens of blinking, pecking chickens scrambling around their coop.

Okay, time to snap out of it.

I realized how far my mind had wandered from the initial dilemma of picking a meal. As entertaining as that bizarre cognitive journey had been, my rumbling stomach reminded me that I still needed to decide on dinner.

I closed the fridge and ordered a burger online.

#memories #random