The LinkedIn algorithm is weak

I only follow a few people on LinkedIn and don’t regularly interact on the platform. With such a limited activity history, the algorithm has little data to suggest. Yet my LinkedIn newsfeed remains filled with repurposed content labeled “Suggested” posts.

I can choose to ignore it. However, it’s unclear why they appear, given my limited engagement history on the platform. No matter how many times I hit the “I don’t want to see this” button, LinkedIn cannot get the hint that I do not want to see these posts.

The suggested feed does nothing but clutter up my home page with content that I have no interest in engaging with. The posts in my suggested feed are usually just recycled content ripped off from elsewhere on the internet.

I rarely see any original thought or insight shared in these posts. Often, it’s just random viral videos with nothing more than a generic GPT-made caption or a description that forces someone to choose an option. No authenticity or value is added by whoever shares it - they are just interested in engagement farming.

#opinion #tech