just a bean tryin’ to get some sleep.

I came across the new Killer Bean video game trailer today. It transported me back to one of my earliest encounters with the unique world of Killer Bean.

In the early 2000s, my friend J and I saw an ad in the local newspaper about a technology event held at a hotel in our hometown of Kozhikode. Intrigued by the prospect of seeing so many new fancy computers in one place, we convinced our parents to let us check it out. We were amazed by all the high-end PCs set up around the room when we arrived. As kids with limited access to technology at home, it was like peering into the future.

One PC in particular caught our attention. Playing on the screen was a short Killer Bean video. We must have watched it 2 or 3 times, utterly transfixed. Unfortunately, an event organizer soon shooed us away so others could use the computer. We played some games, too, though I don't recall which titles.

That bizarre yet hilarious Killer Bean video stuck with us, though. We tried telling our friends about it, but most of them didn't have internet access to understand the context. A few years later, when Nokia mobile phones with Bluetooth became more common, that same Killer Bean clip started circulating, and everyone finally got introduced to the Bean we had been trying to describe.

Seeing promotional material for the new Killer Bean game brought all those childhood memories flooding back. It was so fun to rediscover the source of that mystery video that first exposed me to Bean's weird and wonderful world over 23 years ago.

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