it's a - duck blur!

The other day, I came across mei's blog post "it's a! duck blur!"

The title immediately caught my attention as it evoked memories of my childhood fascination with Duck Tales. Growing up in the early 90s, Duck Tales (1987 - 1990) was one of my favorite cartoon shows. I loved following the adventures of Scrooge McDuck and his three great-nephews.

Launchpad McQuack was my favorite from the show. His clumsiness and loyalty made him an endearing addition to the cast. And he later became the sidekick of my other favorite, Darkwing Duck.

As memorable as the TV show was, my earliest introductions to the duck family were through Donald Duck Adventures & Duck Tales comics.

Since my parents had to work on Saturdays, my dad would bring me to his photo studio when no babysitter was available or when my aunt was away and couldn't look after me.

One of the first things we would do after getting off the bus was stop at a bookstore to buy some comics. I have fond memories of curling up in the corner of his workplace, fully immersed in the humorous adventures of the Disney ducks.

Revisiting the world of Duck Tales through Mei's blog post was a welcome trip down memory lane. It's always fun to reminisce about the cartoons and comics that fueled our imaginations as kids. And it's amazing how universal this show is.

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