indian parenting

I have often reflected on the parenting styles prevalent in my culture. While family values are deeply ingrained in the Indian way of life, some common parenting practices leave much to be desired.

A recent Reddit post eloquently captured some of the issues I observed. In the post titled “Indian parenting is terrible,” the author highlights how overbearing control, lack of open communication, and unreasonable expectations negatively impact children’s mental health and personal development.

While not all families follow these patterns, there is certainly some truth to the points raised. The constant pressure to achieve academic success, get high marks, and secure a “good” career can rob young people of their childhood joy and confidence to think independently. When parents micro-manage every decision and dismiss emotions, it breeds resentment and stifles creativity.

Of course, most parents only want the best for their children. However, the rigid, authoritarian approach prioritizes short-term gains over long-term well-being. It also fails to consider individual strengths, interests, and sibling personality differences. A caring, understanding environment where kids feel secure to openly discuss struggles is important for growth.