how to tackle difficult keywords (SEO)

I typically don’t write about SEO on my blog. However, ranking for high-difficulty keywords is a challenge many business site owners face. Here are some strategies that may help site owners tackle keywords with high difficulty scores1.

Focus on long-tail keywords: Even keywords with high search volumes will have long-tail variations that are less competitive. Look for related keywords with the same intent but containing additional descriptive terms. These long-tail keywords will have lower search volumes but be easier to rank for.

Create in-depth, original content: To compete with authority sites, your content must bring something new. Do an in-depth analysis of the topic that no one has covered before. Give your readers unique insights, data, case studies, or analysis they can’t get elsewhere. Quality, unique content is key to ranking for these keywords.

Get links from domain authority sources: Organic backlinks from high authority, reputable sources in your industry will help increase your domain authority over time. Reach out to industry thought leaders and experts, build relationships, create helpful content for them, and earn links naturally. Be patient - it will take time, but it is worth it in the long run.

  1. KD or “keyword difficulty” is a score from 0-100, indicating how competitive it is to rank for a given keyword in the search results.