how I've found comfort in the darkness of horror stories

Like many others, 2020 was a difficult year for me. During the worst of it, I discovered horror podcasts, and they quickly became a nightly escape. Shows like NoSleep, Let's Read, Kowabana, and The Swamp Dweller would transport me to creepy fictional worlds right as I lay in bed.

Hearing creators bring frightening stories to life took my mind completely off real-world worries, even if just for an hour before sleep. The suspenseful build-up and shocking twists filled me with a controlled thrill. Rather than feeling more anxious, experiencing fear through these narratives felt cathartic.

A few years later, I still look forward to unwinding with a scary story almost every night. Even as things have stabilized in my personal life, horror pods remain a beloved part of my bedtime routine. Maestros like NoSleep never fail to disappoint, while Tara A. Devlin from Kowabana introduces new bone-chilling tales from time to time. Rather than keeping me up at night, the darkness of these fictional worlds now provides me a sense of peace.

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