Grammarly, the real G.

lets suppose that you're writing a really important email to a colleague

Since using the green app, my writing has gotten an honest-to-goodness boost. Grammarly has been helping me for years, catching all kinds of mistakes before anyone else sees them.

At first, I thought it was just a friendly little spellcheck helper, but Grammarly has raised the bar for my whole writing process. Those grammar and style tips have taught me things I never cared to learn in school. Who knew splitting infinitives was frowned upon? Or that " utilize" is always a word to avoid? Grammarly's caught me making those rookie errors repeatedly until they've rubbed off on me for good.

Now, even when I write stuff Grammarly can't check, like personal emails and business articles, I hear its gentle voice in my head asking, "Is this clear? Does it flow well?" No more run-on sentences or pointless filler words for this guy. Grammarly's lessons have sunk into my subconscious and improved everything I write without it.

So this post's for you - the real G.