good company

Some people come into our lives and leave an indelible mark. They become an oasis of comfort in times of need, readily available without judgment.

Yesterday, I talked with Arjun. It's funny how connections work sometimes. I'm not even close to the cousin who introduced us, but Arjun and I just clicked. We can talk about movies, music, and anything under the sun. It's refreshing, always. Then there's Karthik, who was introduced to me by Arjun. What started as a mentorship blossomed into a genuine friendship. It's funny how these connections can snowball, creating a network of "those people" who truly get you.

Living in China, I've realized how much I miss these kinds of connections. Charlie was that person for me here — a long-term expat who really got me. The friendship even led me to revamp and maintain ChengduLiving alongside Charlie for a while. But things change. Charlie returned to the US during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we eventually shut down the forum. Last night, I read that Charlie isn't interested in returning to prolific posting.

Life is full of chapters, some longer than others. But it's these rare souls - the Arjuns, Karthiks, and Charlies of the world - who make the journey worthwhile. They're the ones who remind us that even in our weirdest, most difficult moments, there are people out there who just get us.


Last night, I read Amy's post about family obligations. While it's not directly related to what I'm talking about here, it made me think deeply about relationships and our roles in each other's lives. It's a reminder that while some connections come easy, others require work and sacrifice. But both types shape who we are.