closing the door on past insensitivity

A few years ago, I went through a really difficult situation that negatively impacted my mental health. During that time, I was briefly employed at a company where my then-manager showed a shocking lack of empathy and care for what I was experiencing.

When I opened up to him about my struggles and requested some time off to prioritize my well-being, his response of "When will you be alright?" left me feeling so invalidated. It was like my mental health issues didn't matter or weren't seen as real problems. I knew I had to leave that unsupportive environment, so I resigned.

Fast forward to now, when that same former manager recently reached out with a business proposal for a new e-commerce project (a very shady product, by the way), seemingly without a second thought to how things ended between us years ago.

He launched into discussing marketing strategies without acknowledging or apologizing for his dismissive behavior when I was unwell. Rather than engage, I decided the healthy choice was to set a boundary by declining the meeting request and explaining my reasons in a message.

While it's disappointing to encounter that insensitivity even years later, focusing on self-care has helped me move forward healthily. I've surrounded myself with a supportive network who respect me fully. Not all will understand, but prioritizing my mental well-being is paramount.

That experience was a tough lesson years ago, but responding firmly yet calmly has brought closure. I don't owe unsupportive individuals explanations now. My energy is for nurturing relationships where I feel heard, respected, and cared for - as we all deserve.

Have a good one!

image: remix of a flork of cows comic panel.