Blenny (v0.0.5)

For those who don't know, Blenny is an AI vision copilot we are building to make GPT-4V more accessible. I'm happy to share that we've made some progress.

Blenny now has web access powered by DuckDuckGo, so it can search the internet to help provide context beyond just the current page. This expands Blenny's knowledge and makes it more useful.

We also have a prompt gallery where users can access pre-built prompts for Blenny to perform useful actions like extracting data, generating campaign ideas, checking the historical significance of the image, solving equations, and more.

New users can now test out Blenny directly. No need to bring your own API key. You can add your API key when you hit the trial limit. A few rendering issues were fixed as well.

We'll launch Blenny on Product Hunt this week.

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