average aisle seat enjoyer


Don't get me wrong - the view from the oval window is decent enough as the plane takes off and lands. But after that, all you've got is your own murky reflection staring back at you.

Want a snack from the cart? It's too bad you'll have to climb over the poor souls jammed beside you like cargo. Need to use the lav? Good luck wiggling your way out of that tight squeeze without earning yourself a few enemies, including me.

With an aisle seat, you have the sweet freedom of movement that window prisoners can only dream of.

Do cramped muscles demand a stretch? No problem, just stand up and do some low-impact calisthenics in the walkway. Long flight got you feeling antsy? Take a few laps up and down the cabin to burn off some energy. Now, that's real comfort for an opinionated economy guy at cruising altitude.

Plus, you get a great view down the plane's length to scope out what's on the snack cart before it arrives. And don't even get me started on how glorious it is to be first in line when it's time for disembarking.