another round of medical tests

Ponyo. Tongzilin, 2016.

I had my medical tests this morning to renew my resident permit here in China. Waking up a bit earlier than usual, I left our place around 7:30 am so I would have plenty of time to get to the Tongzilin1 Entry-Exit Health Check Center and check-in.

The tests only took about 40 minutes to complete. They drew some blood, took my vitals, had a physical examination, and had me provide a urine sample - pretty standard procedures. The staff was efficient and friendly as usual, which made the whole process stress-free. I should receive the medical report with all my test results in a couple days, which I'll then submit with my resident permit renewal application.

With some extra time on my hands after finishing up tests and having breakfast at a Family Mart, I decided to do some grocery shopping at the nearby Ito Yokado. I was in the mood for something different for lunch and spotted some rabbit meat at the butcher counter. On a whim, I decided to try making a Thai red curry with the rabbit. I gathered the other ingredients needed, like coconut milk, curry paste, vegetables, etc.

Back home, I sliced and browned the rabbit before simmering everything together in the fragrant curry sauce. It turned out delicious - the rabbit was tender and took on the rich, complex flavors beautifully. It was a tasty and satisfying meal to cap off a productive, routine morning of medical checkups.

  1. During my early days in China, I lived in an apartment in Tongzilin. I fondly remember wandering the streets there and enjoying the local scene. Walking by Tongzilin on Tuesday transported me back to those days.