an update on the residence permit renewal process

I returned to the Tongzilin Entry-Exit Health Check Center this afternoon to collect my medical report. With my medical certificate and test results in hand, it was time to head to the Chengdu Public Security Bureau (PSB) to submit my renewal application.

Luckily, it wasn't a busy afternoon for them. I joined the queue.

When it was my turn, I presented my documents - passport, supporting paperwork, and medical report. The officer verified everything was in order before handing out the application form. After completing the form, he gave me a slip with a token number. Later, I went to counter A and applied for the residence permit renewal. After a brief interview and filling in details to their system, they gave me a receipt. It says I can collect my passport on February 1, 2024. I can also legally stay or travel anywhere in China by rail or air on the strength of this receipt.

One task down! With the submission over, I headed home to finish some pending work tasks.

Then, I set up Telegram & Slack AI assistant bots that source real-time information from the internet -- more like discount perplexity. It can also help me with event, flight, hotel, image, and video searches.