an alien invasion? (dream journal)

For a few days, the earthquakes were the only abnormal thing that happened. But then reports started coming in of giant insects being spotted around the city. At first, it seemed like just a few isolated incidents, but the sightings grew more frequent. It was then that we pieced together what was really going on.

A few weeks prior, unknown objects had fallen from the sky and crashed into Earth. Scientists investigated and found the objects contained minute insects so small they were barely visible. But these were no ordinary insects...

Within days, the insects had grown to enormous sizes, some as large as cars or small buildings. Panic ensued as people tried to flee or find shelter from the gigantic ants, spiders, and other creepy crawlies. My dream self and others hid in local temples.

After some time, the insects retreated. Had Earth just received its first otherworldly visitors? And what were their intentions - were more waves of giant insect attacks to come?