I’m a Chengdu-based tinkerer. Throughout my career, I have taken on both generalist and specialist roles. I publish unfiltered, raw thoughts and experiments on this website without worrying about perfection.

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My major was electronics and communication (engineering). In 2010, I obtained the Cambridge BULATS certification at the university. Later, I decided to drop out of college to fully dedicate myself to pursuing a career in digital media marketing or music. Two years later, in 2012, I embarked on a career in search marketing.

Since then, my primary focus has been creating marketing campaigns that generate high-quality content across various mediums. Additionally, starting in 2015, I have actively pursued continuous learning, particularly in new technologies.

My areas of programming interest lie in PHP, Python scripting, web servers, and front-end development. These subjects fascinate me, and I have invested significant effort in “tinkering.” I started learning Python during the early days of the COVID outbreak.

Throughout my professional journey, I have worked alongside startups such as Folio, Heyooo, Tap4Fun, Labex, ugChain, IObit Software, Acodez, and more. These experiences have helped me gain valuable insights and cross-cultural exposure.


Despite growing up during the era of 16-bit consoles and 32-bit handhelds, my passion for 8-bit video games was undeniable. The nostalgic charm and captivating soundtracks of these games profoundly influenced me, even more so than any other genre of music. This inspiration drove me to explore music production myself. Here’s a synthwave cover of Chaosium Sword, one of my all-time favorite video game soundtracks.

In addition to my love for retro gaming and music, I have a strong affinity for non-fiction literature, particularly papers that delve into absurdism and existentialism. When it comes to films, I'm drawn to genres such as horror, mystery, crime, and comedy. Among my interests is a fascination with Kaiju monsters, with Anguirus as my favorite.

I have ventured into experimental music projects under various monikers, including @thedeadauthor, m1qnet, Verfasor, and signalsiren. And before that, I produced electronic music under the aliases Xonikk, B∆SE32, スーパーソニック, and Longma. FL Studio serves as my primary digital audio workstation (DAW). My VOL I EP garnered (some) recognition when the song “Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru” was featured on the Rolling Stone India October 2020 Playlist Part 2.

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I live in Chengdu, a city with a rich history, culture, and a thriving tech industry. My hometown is Kozhikode, a coastal city in the Indian state of Kerala. It is known for its beaches, historic temples, and delicious food. Although I am far from home, my roots in Kozhikode will always be a part of my identity. I’m interested in connecting with people who share similar interests. I tend to be more introverted and speak less, but my words carry more weight.