a growth marketer's strategies for self-care

I lead growth ops of a few products, and a big part of my job involves experimenting with new tactics and strategies. Whether it's A/B testing ad copy, launching new campaigns, or optimizing the website for conversions, I'm constantly trying new things to boost the numbers.

However, what comes with that growth-focused mindset is dealing with the less savory elements of certain online spaces. As someone who has to spend a lot of time on social media observing trends and competitors, I'm regularly inundated with toxicity. From belittling or offensive posts made solely for attention to the constant hustle-focused messaging, it's enough to challenge even the most resilient person's mental well-being.

Navigating growth experimentation at work and this often toxic online world can feel like a delicate balancing act. Here are a few things I've found that help me stay focused on progress without losing my chill:

Making adjustments like these ensure I can keep strategizing growth solutions without losing sight of my humanity or sanity.

Brb - my back hurts.

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