A Cold Awakening

Old Farmhouse in Winter (on Humber River) by Lawrence Arthur Colley Panton

The first light of dawn peered through the small window of the lonely cabin as its sole inhabitant stirred from slumber. Ann rubbed the sleep from her eyes and stretched her tired limbs, preparing for another day alone in this remote place she called home.

As she lit the oil lamp by her bedside, the flickering flame cast dancing shadows on the bare wooden walls. In the soft glow, Ann noticed four pairs of expectant eyes peering through the crack under the door. Her furry companions had awoken with the sunrise, just as they did every morning, awaiting the ritual that would start their day.

She rose from the lumpy bed and pulled on her boots, shivering against the chill. She shuffled to the door and unlatched the lock, swinging it open to reveal four fluffy faces peering up at her intently. "Good morning, my friends," she said with a tired smile as the felines wandered in from the misty morning.

Filling their bowls with food, Ann watched with fondness as the cats greedily ate their breakfast. It was the one task each day that brought her purpose and companionship in this isolation. But as they finished their meal and wandered away again, she was left with an empty feeling. An unfamiliar thought crept into her mind - were these souls that kept her company truly her friends? Or had their relationship become one of necessity and transaction rather than affection?

Ann's solitary life had taught her that nothing in this world is certain. Not even the loyalty of those we care for the most. In truth, she wondered if anyone needed her - or if she had become as disposable to others as wooden bowls once their purpose was served. This realization left a hollow ache that no amount of company could fill. For the first time, she began to doubt the intimacy of even her closest relationships and whether her presence truly mattered to anyone at all.