8-bit gaming with J.

I was scrolling through YouTube the other day, and a random Super C gameplay clip popped up. When I saw those pixelated characters and heard that iconic soundtrack, nostalgia washed over me.

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It instantly took me back to the weekends of my childhood, spending hours upon hours playing 8-bit classics with my best friend, J.

Our weekend 8-bit gaming sessions seemed like they would last forever. We'd play for hours on end, busy with games like "Double Dragon," "Mighty Final Fight," and, of course, our favorite - "Contra" series without cheat codes.

I remember the pure excitement we felt when we finally beat a particularly tough level or boss. We'd yell and high-five, celebrating our victory. Then it was straight onto the next game to try and top our high scores.

No smartphones, tablets, or hundreds of streaming services to entertain us. Those NES cartridges were our portal to adventure.

As we got older, life got busier. J and I made new friends. Those weekend gaming marathons became a thing of the past. It's been years since J and I last hung out.

Sometimes, when I come across those speedruns or game history videos, I can't help but feel nostalgic for those carefree days of my childhood.

It's funny how a random YouTube video can unleash a flood of vivid memories from another time.

I may not talk to J as much these days, but a part of me will always be that kid cheering on my best friend as we battled through side-scrolling levels together on a Saturday afternoon long ago.