The minutes drag like hours in this dim lab as I pore over results and notes, searching for any clue I may have missed. Sleep continues to evade me, my mind unwilling to stop racing down theoretical paths even as my body weakens from exhaustion.

It has been three days since I left this place, subsisting only on vending machine snacks and stale coffee. But I cannot stop while Tanya’s life hangs in the balance. She is my whole world - I would give anything, pay any price, to save her.

Late into the night, a realization struck me about the drug formula I had been developing. With renewed energy, I got to work synthesizing an adjusted solution, eager to test its effects. I administered it to the test subject TYX-089 - and watched with jubilation as the tumors receded before my eyes.

I had done it.

After months of failures, I finally held the cure in my hands. Wasting no time, I rushed home to treat Tanya. But as the serum entered her bloodstream, something went horribly wrong. She began shrieking and convulsing, her body locked in a torment I couldn’t end. I held her, begging her to stay, but the light soon drained from her eyes, leaving me shattered in a way I didn’t know was possible.

How did this happen?

I double and triple-checked the formula - there should have been no adverse reaction. But as I stared down at Tanya’s lifeless corpse, I knew the grim truth. My mistake had cost her life in more ways than one.

In the shadows of this late hour, doubt creeps in alongside a building sense of rage. At myself and at the world for not saving Tanya sooner. I just want her back - if only I had more time to find the answer.